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Special Hunting Rules

  1. No person shall violate any state hunting law, regulation or rule.
  2. No person shall enter either Ringneck Ridge or White Star Park Hunting Areas during any Deer Gun Season without a special Deer Gun Permit.
  3. Hunting permits must be carried while hunting.
  4. No person shall hunt upland game (pheasants and rabbits) or hunt during any season requiring hunter orange without wearing HUNTER (blaze) orange.
  5. No person shall hunt with a rimfire or centerfire pistol or rifle.
  6. No person shall actively hunt at night. Night is ½ hour after sunset to ½ hour before sunrise. Legal hunting hours apply.
  7. At White Star Park horseback riders and non-hunters shall stay on designated trails during the approved hunting season.
  8. No person shall pierce the bark of any tree to place a stand, implement or equipment hook, step or other device.
  9. No person shall place a permanent tree stand or ground blind. A stand left overnight is considered permanent.
  10. No person shall cut any vegetation, trees, saplings, or brush.
  11. No person hunting shall park a motor vehicle at any place other than at a designated parking area.
  12. No person shall drive into the hunting areas without the permission of Park District Staff.
  13. No person shall hunt from or shoot into any posted safety zone.
  14. Each hunter shall complete a hunter survey at the conclusion of each day's hunt.
  15. No person shall pursue wounded game onto private property without landowner permission, or onto non-hunting areas of Park District land without Park District staff permission.
  16. No person shall hunt any Park District property at any date and time outside the Board approved land and/or hunting season(s). See permit for lands and dates.
  17. No trapping allowed.

Special Deer Gun Season Drawing
Youth Season, Regular Season and Muzzleloader Season

Hunters must be Sandusky County Residents to Apply. Hunters must have a valid Ohio Hunting License, deer tag and Park District Hunting Permit to enter. Hunters must be present at the drawing.

A Special Deer Gun Permit is required to be in any Park District hunting area during the Early Muzzleloader Season, Youth Deer Gun Season, Deer Shotgun Season and Regular Muzzleloader Season.

Drawings will be held on the first Thursday in November. Youth Drawing will be held at 7:00 pm and Regular Drawing will be held at 7:30 pm at The White Star Barn, 5013 C.R. 65, Gibsonburg, OH 43431.

5 Youth permits for the White Star and 5 youth permits for Ringneck Ridge will be issued.

12 permits for each season will be issued for White Star Park.

12 permits for each season will be issued for Ringneck Ridge WA

Youth permit holders must name a non-hunting adult on their permit who will accompany them during the hunt. Regular Season and Muzzleloader permit holders may name a partner on their permit. The partner is not required to be a Sandusky County Resident.