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CANCELLED Nature Camp BIGS (11-12)
Come discover the world around you as we create and investigate during this 4-day adventure at Creek Bend Farm!
Campers will Trek the park, paddle and explore Muddy Creek, get an up-close experience with our Nature Center ambassadors (goats, chickens, snakes, turtles, salamanders and toad.), tie-dye their own camp shirt and so much more!
SCPD will provide a reusable water bottle, to use each day (and keep!), and an afternoon snack will be provided each day. Participants are responsible for their own lunches.
BIGS will be leaving base camp (Creek Bend Farm) on Tuesday to learn archery at our range at Ring Neck Ridge. We will be paddling Green Creek on Wednesday and are planning an overnight camping trip at Creek Bend Farm on Thursday of your session. -More information on this, to follow

An information and health form ("All-In-One Form") is attached to your registration confirmation and must be completed within three business days of registration.

Creek Bend Farm: CBF Barn
720 S Main St
Lindsey, OH 43442
Program Date:
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Age Range:
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Price - $60.00

For offline registrations or further information please call (419) 334-4495, unless another number is given in the program description.